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About GuyHub

Guy Hub: The World Student Hub for Social Networking, Sharing and Job Opportunities. The best Hybrid Mobile Apps to connect the Students Worldwide, promote them, help them to find the best matches for long term friendship and bring them the opportunity to have decent jobs from the employers worldwide. You are free to grow your network, follow more people, search matches based on your interests by paying a nominal fee for unlocking profiles.

Join us to be a Student Ambassador: Here is the opportunity to grow your social network and earn by becoming a part of Guy Hub Team. You simply need to add more connections to your network and share posts to promote Guy Hub.

User Login

User can create new account in guyhub to make connections after login using registered email and password.


Navigation is used to make navigation between app screens, i.e., move from one screen to another.

Add Post

Here user can add new post with different post types, categories and post image and share it with his/her followers.

Post A Job

Job postings allows employers to post jobs directly from their dashboard and target their potential employees.


You can view public tweets and private tweets.You can also like, dislike and forward tweets posted by other users.


You can unlock profiles matching your interests. You will just need to make a nominal payment for unlocking profiles.

My Post

You can read post related to different categories such as #fashion #movies #music #travelling #politics #ideas.

Brand Ambassador

Here you can become a student Ambassador, grow your social network and promote guyhub to earn money.